“The NICE machine has been essential in my quick recovery from a major knee injury in skiing. Not having to refill the machine with ice is incredibly convenient, especially when you’re recovering from surgery. Now I’m back competing on the World Cup circuit, and my NICE machine is my favorite travel buddy… especially because it’s so hard to find ice in many European countries where we race. I wouldn’t be where I am now without NICE, and highly recommend it for any professional athlete. Actually, I recommend it for ANYONE who is recovering from an injury and wants to do their rehab right!”

LAURENNE ROSS // Olympic Skier

Photo by: Christophe Pallot / Agence Zoom

“The NICE makes injury recovery easy. The small, simple and portable unit makes it possible to use whenever and wherever necessary. I love being able to customize the cold and compression levels to maximize my swelling control. This product has made my recovery from ACL surgery so much easier. No buckets or bags of ice… just attach the wrap and press start! I love this thing.”

TOM WALLISCH // Professional Freeskier

“Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of using your amazing invention. I feel like it’s up there with the electric light and Tesla. It’s really awesome to not have to get up in the middle of the night and fill up a bunch of ice into a bucket and walk with crutches across the room and put it in a machine. I’m standing. I’m jumping, I’m dancing and saying thank you.”

MICHAEL FRANTI // Singer-Songwriter

I am so grateful to have had the wonderful Nice Recovery machine throughout my rehab. I definitely would not be where I am without the incredible NICE technology. I use the machine morning, noon, and night to keep the swelling down in my knee to be able to recover quickly post-workout!!  Nice has been very helpful and supportive. If anyone has an injury to recover from, this ice machine is the BEST out there!


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